IPCAM - Product Description

Our standalone network camera IPCAM with internal video recording simplifies the realization of industrial remote monitoring applications and enables new use cases for continuous monitoring of machines and plants, e.g. in intralogistics.

Among others, the recording trigger can be set directly by the PLC using the digital input. The recording feature supports pre-buffering up to 60 seconds for capturing events at best. The robust design and the built-in heating against condensation enable operation under rough conditions. The graphical interface is built as a modern web app. For automation and integration in your own applications a web API is available.


IPCAM - Standalone Network Camera with internal Video Recording

  • live stream (MJPEG)
  • internal recording with pre-trigger (up to 60 s)
  • digital input for PLC (recording trigger)
  • text overlays (static & dynamic)
  • user roles (admin & viewer)
  • built-in heating against condensation
  • web interface und REST API (for automation)
  • IP65 aluminum enclosure, -30..+50 °C
  • management tool (e.g. for mass updates)
  • custom design and branding (hard- & software)

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