MZ84 - Product Description

Our system solution MZ84 has emerged based on the motivation to simplify the entry into measurement applications and at the same time to enable new use cases in the context of Industrie 4.0 and Industrial IoT. Typical use cases are Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance with the focus on vibrations.


MZ84 - Flexible Monitoring System for Edge Analytics

  • embedded Linux PC
  • up to 12 analog inputs (24 Bit)
  • up to 100 kHz sampling frequency
  • signal conditioning (e.g. IEPE)
  • web-based user interface
  • flexible analytics
  • automatic messaging
  • data management
  • extendable memory (microSD)
  • extended temperature range

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MZ84 is a standalone all-in-one solution for vibration monitoring, which handles all tasks autonomously and automatically.

The integration of all required function blocks in one robust and compact housing eliminates the usual effort for system setup and external wiring. Thereby the system reliability is increased and at the same time the required space is reduced up to 50%.


Web-based User Interface

MZ84 is equipped with an embedded application software, which is exposed in the web browser. The system is immediately ready for use und does not require any additional driver or software installation. The web-based user interface guarantees maximum independence of the end device and the platform and minimizes the effort for the start of operation and configuration.


PC-based System Architecture

MZ84 includes a Linux Compute Module. The PC-based operating environment provides maximum set of features and comfort for the effective implementation of complex measuring and monitoring tasks.

For the development of user-specific extensions and applications, there are numerous standard programming languages such as C++ or Python available, so that there will be no expense for learning a new development environment.


Integrated Data Management

MZ84 has an integrated data management, which handles the measurement and processing data automatically and ensures a trouble-free continous operation. All file directories and databases can be configured as circular buffers, so that the latest data is processed and stored at all times, even if the memory card is full.

For permanent backups, numerous options for automatic pushing to external storage sources are available.

data management

Automatic Messaging

MZ84 can send automatic messages about all important system information and result variables. This can be done in adjustable time intervals for logging, as well as event driven for alerting (e.g. when exceeding previously set threshold values).

The messages can e.g. be sent via Email or SMS and depending on the alert level and category be addressed to different recipients.


Remote Access

MZ84 is readily accessible remotely over the web-based user interface. In addition a web API is available for the extended remote access, which enables direct access to all relevant data and system variables.

The web API can be used for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication as well as for creating custom web interfaces.

remote access

Open Questions and Requirements?

Our systems are designed for flexible customization and extension. In this context we offer extensive Services for custom solution development. Start an inquiry, we are happy to help implementing your ideas.