SZ6X - Product Description

Our sensor system SZ6X simplifies the implementation of industrial IoT applications and enables new use cases for the continous monitoring of machines, plants and buildings.

The system is equipped with a triaxial accelerometer and a temperature sensor. Furthermore, six analog inputs are available for connecting external signals. The user interaction is done over the embedded Bluetooth interface. The high-speed sampled raw data can be stored on the internal microSD card and transferred to the PC for offline analysis via USB. Due to the integrated rechargable battery, the system is especially suitable for mobile applications.


SZ6X - Smart Sensor System for IoT Applications with external Inputs

  • OEM version available
  • customizable
  • rechargable battery and external power supply
  • onboard sensors
  • external analog inputs
  • threshold monitoring (e.g. shocks & vibrations)
  • speed monitoring (e.g. fans and blasts)
  • frequency monitoring (e.g. motors and pumps)
  • motion and position detection (e.g. free fall)
  • custom applications

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